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Today everyone knows the name of Ralli’s. This name does not require any introduction as it dominates the mind of everyone. It is the oldest and the most honorable name in the world of soft drinks based upon the concept of syrups. It is the most preferred name in the field of soft drinks that uses the concept of delicious syrups.

Today, the The Punjab Sarbat House is celebrating its 119th birthday and it is remembering the contribution of Late Ralli Singh Arora, the founder of the company. In 1898, he came to Kolkata from Punjab and established the company Ralli’s. He had a lot of hopes and dreams in his eyes. We feel proud enough to mention that those 111 years were glorious and today, we are entirely dedicated to the service of common people. The name of Ralli’s has become synonymous in refreshing drink for all.   

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